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“A modern expression of

ancient knowledge.”

-About CQK-

CQK has been formulated solely for maximum efficacy in street self-defense and is not intended for sport or ring applications.  As such, CQK utilizes a tactical approach to striking, grappling, and weaponry.  Strikes are delivered to the body’s most vulnerable targets in rapid sequences that capitalize off of physiological reactions.  The feet are used for efficient low-line kicking, base disruption, reaps/sweeps, trips, and stomps.  CQK grappling specializes in joint destruction, lock-flow, pain compliance, chokes/strangles, takedowns, and projection throws.  Weapons covered are those most applicable for today including knife, stick, staff, hand-loads, O.C., pistol, and improvised environmental arms.  In expressing the infinite techniques possible within its core curriculum, CQK not only edifies a comprehensive fighting system, but also teaches the strategy, psychology, and philosophy of Asian martial arts adapted for modern society.

-Mission Statement-

CQK perpetuates the essence of Asian martial arts by adapting the ancient Masters’ teachings on health and safety to the unique challenges of today’s reality.  Through the discipline of tactical training our curriculum fosters personal growth and security by the betterment of mind (li), body (yi), and spirit (qi).  We strive for the harmony of the individual with the many facets of him/herself, and with all of Life and Nature.  Our purpose is to facilitate the student’s evolution into the New Warrior, and in so doing, improve society’s structure one building stone at a time.

-About the Founder-

SIFU MICHAEL BENJAMIN began his martial arts training as a youth under the former PKA heavyweight world kickboxing champion “Bad” Brad Hefton in the Okinawan Karate style of Shorei-ryu.  He now holds 4TH degree black belts in Kang-Nei-Chin Chung-Kuo Ch’uan Shaolin Kung-Fu and Chin Na, as well as Shorei Goju Kempo Karate under Sigung Michael Knipprath.  He is also one of only a few people in the world awarded a shodan in Juko-ryu Jodo (way of the short staff) by Rodney Sacharnoski, Soke of Juko-Kai International, who has appeared on such television shows as “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not,” “More Than Human,” and “Top Ten Ultimate.”

In 2012, Mr. Benjamin was also awarded a Level 5 – Full Instructor’s license in Natural Spirit International/Worden Defense System (NSI/WDS) by Datu Kelly S. Worden, world-renowned tactical trainer and weapons designer and the official hand-to-hand combat instructor for the First Special Forces Group of Ft. Lewis, Washington.  As such, Mr. Benjamin is now the sole instructor-affiliate for Datu Worden in Illinois. 

Mr. Benjamin was also privileged to have trained in Modern Arnis with its founder and Grandmaster, the late great Professor Remy Presas, member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame.   Academically, Mr. Benjamin holds a B.A. in History and minor in Southeast Asian Studies from Northern Illinois University, and has worked professionally as a bouncer, teacher, juvenile corrections officer, and social worker.  A published writer, Mr. Benjamin is the only martial artist in the Mid-West whose articles have been published in the legendary magazines Inside Kung-Fu, Black Belt, and Blade; as well as in Kelly Worden’s NSI/WDS Newsletter and website; on Master-At-Arms James Keating’s E-Zine MaajakWorld; and on Alex Jones’

In addition, Mr. Benjamin’s article “Core Principles of the Worden Defense System” is the opening essay in Kelly Worden’s official hand-to-hand combat manual for the First Special Forces Group.  As such, Mr. Benjamin is the only man outside the Special Forces awarded this manual by Datu Worden.  He has also published two collections of original poetry, The Wind of Seasons (Sterling House Publisher – Pittsburgh, 1994) and Crowsongs (Vantage Press – New York, 1998).    

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